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 Physical security & surveillance division’s Lunch:

Event Date: 18 oCTOBER, 2019



Physical security and surveillance Launch

“That part of security concerned with physical measures designed to safeguard people; to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, facilities, material and documents; and to safeguard them against a security incident.”

Facilities Physical Security Measures Guideline

ASIS International, 2009

The formal launch of SBS Distribution’s newly formed physical security & surveillance division was announced by Security Director, Mr. Yousuf Baig, who is a seasoned security professional and has got 15+ years’ experience in the Middle East as Industrial and commercial security specialist. He delivered a comprehensive overview of all the new products and technologies offered by the Security Division.

This newly formed division got attention in the event attended by leading partners and established a wide interest in the market after adding in the SBS Distribution portfolio. Security division showcases the very latest industrial developments, products, and technologies providing those within the ELV security, Thermal imaging systems, Perimeter security, Intrusion Detection system and Solar lighting for security projects.

Continuing to follow the aim and vision of SBS, Security Division is determined to support its partners by giving them assistance in designing cost-effective Physical Protection Systems using recommended industry standards. This practice will surely uplift the standards of security systems implemented by SBS partners.

SBS’s security division will be a cornerstone in Pakistan’s physical security & surveillance market with robust and reliable systems by providing the highest level of functionality without compromising on quality and international standards.

This is the beginning of the new eon in SBS Distribution!   

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