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We offer full range of router, switches, firewalls, Accesspoints and other Active & passive Networking and Infrastructure product and solutions by world’s top technology brands like D-Link,Dell, Lenovo, Super Micro, 3M and Fortinet.

We are Authorized distributor of Pivot3 in Pakistan. Pivot3 is the Hyper Converged Infrastructure leader in the world.


Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI)

SBS Distribution Introducing Pivot3 for the first time in Pakistan.

The Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Create basic, canny and mechanized hyper-converged framework infrastructure for help any outstanding task at hand, any datacenter activity and any IT environment, regardless of whether on-reason, edge or cloud, HCI is all about achievement execution and organized to control your business..
SBS Distribution has a high accessibility of Pivot3’s All-Flash HCI hubs empower an extreme reexamine of IT framework by conveying most extreme, stockpiling effectiveness, framework adaptation to internal failure and register execution in a homogenous, versatile and machine model.

Hyperconverged infrastructure Intended for superior outstanding tasks at hand, the All-Flash HCI hub helps associations of all measures appropriately address the numerous difficulties made by individually designs and put resources into a future where IT can concentrate on driving business results rather than overseeing equipment. The outcome is a less complex, stronger, effectively managed, and more financially savvy server farm.

Our more brilliant infrastructure scales as required, crosswise over on-premises, edge and cloud foundations from a solitary sheet of-glass to convey ensured execution to the applications that power your business.


Meet the demands of an operational simplicity, high-performance networking with flexibility, high-density, full-featured and different assortment of managed and unmanaged SMB switches and enterprise switches, SBS Distribution switches will guarantee your LAN or WAN runs viably.

SBS Distribution works on Dlink Switches, Dell Switches, Lenovo Switches, Supermicro Switches, wireless controllers and wireless access points along with the delivery of comprehensive portfolio of Switching solution for Venture Systems, Data centers, and littler businesses.

Along time of involvement within the industry SBS Distribution shares its ability and provides you all the back you would like to guarantee your items work at crest execution.

D-Link Switches

Complete range of D-Link Switches available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

DELL Switches

Complete range of Dell Switches available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

Lenovo Switches

Complete range of Lenovo Switches available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

Supermicro Switches

Complete range of Supermicro Switches available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.​


Generate more cleverly, responsive, and integrated networks, high speed wireless networking, remote management, interface all your workplaces to one another, to the cloud consistently and securely with high-performing Wi-Fi systems of hubs, built to supply uncommon Wi-Fi scope for each gadget, to each corner of your place.
SBS Distribution distributes Wi-Fi Routers that has effective wireless networking solution designed for Office/Home and (SOHO) environments. By combining high-speed Wi-Fi determination with dual-band technology, get a consistent networking encounter with a tall degree of comfort and adaptability for SOHOs.

D-Link Routers

Complete range of D-Link Wifi routers available with SBS Distribution in Pakistan. We have D-link Wireless routers latest models available in stock.

Access poinTs

(Access points of D-Link, Fortinet & Passive D-Link & 3M) Sparing force with concurrent dual band usefulness, PoE support, broad reasonability, adaptable activity modes, and strong security upgrades. Meet the requirement of Access Point designed by giving network administrators with secure and manageable dual-band remote LAN alternatives and using the bleeding edge speed of Remote AC. Enhance the Security, Multiple Operation Modes and Network Management from medium business to enterprise environments with a business-class solution for conveying a remote system.

D-Link Access Point

Complete range of D-Link Access Points available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

fortinet access point indoor

Fortinet Acces Point

Complete range of Fortinet Access Points available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

3m access point

3M Access Point

Complete range of 3m Access Points available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.


SBS Distribution offers Fortinet, Cisco & Sonicwall Firewall All these brands of firewalls are used by top & fortune 5000 companies across the world to protect their network and infrastructures from intruders.
Fortinet Firewalls

Fortinet Firewalls

Complete range of Fortinet Firewalls available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

cisco firewalls

Cisco Firewalls

Complete range of Cisco Firewalls available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

sonicewall firewall pic

SonicWall Firewalls

Complete range of SonicWall Firewalls available with SBS. Contact us for a quote.

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